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Acne Triggers

More than 17 million adults are given the diagnoses of acne in the US, 50% are adult women and 25% are adult men.

Acne Triggers:

Heredity: Acne is a genetic disease, it is a defect in the structure  and working of the skin.

Stress: This triggers the pituitary gland to stimulate the adrenal glands. This gland produces testosterone in women and as a result increases production of sebum.

Cosmetics: Primary culprits in adult acne are cosmetics and hair products that contain plastics and fragrances. Ingredients to look for are PVP, CVP and any copolymer ingredient. Many waterproof, sweat proof, smudge proof cosmetics and sunscreens contain plastics. Ingredients to watch out for in makeup are petroleum-derived mineral oil, isopropyl isosterate, myristate, acetylated lanolin artificial colors such as D & C red #30 and many more.

Environment: UV rays, seasons (heat and humidity), climate, diet, poor nutrition and pollution.

Medications: Depression and epileptic drugs are known to trigger breakouts.

Hormones: Testosterone is the culprit in both sexes for causes excess production of sebum. It is very noticeable during puberty. Pregnancy and menstrual cycle are also times of fluctuation.

Friction: Acne mechanica is known as a form of acne caused by heat, pressure, occlusion of the skin and repeated friction rubbing the skin.

Picking: Bad extraction technique and poor hygiene.

Industrial oils and chemicals: This happens when hydro-carbonated chemicals come in contact with the skin.

Pet Dander, Fabric softeners, and dryer sheets are some new known factors.


There are many modalities your skin therapist can use to get your acne under control. You & your esthetician can investigate to see where the problem is stemming from.

You have 30 chances to do something good for your skin as your skin therapist only has one chance. Getting into a good home regimen is the first step to success.

Sarah Herring

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