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Winter Weather Skin Tips

Winter weather brings all sorts of holiday magic and snowy fun – but the dryness and cold can be very harsh on your skin. While most people probably view the winter tightness and dryness of their skin to be a small annoyance, it has as much influence on premature aging as summer sun exposure! The cold temps, scalding showers, and constant forced air heating drys out not just the air, but also your skin.

Normally, your skin absorbs moisture from the air to help it maintain its optimum moisture balance and keep skin cells healthy, but the double-whammy of cold weather and indoor heating can break down skin’s natural barrier. Cells lose their moisture, dry out and die, and these dead cells can build up making  skin look dull and tight. This can also prevent topical products from penetrating down into healthy cells, and can lead to premature aging.

Some tips to combat this are to stay hydrated yourself – drink lots of water, and try a humidifier near your bed when you sleep. In terms of products, switching from a normal moisturizer to a more emollient cream is a great start. Also try layering products, like a moisturizing toner followed by an emollient cream with a few drops of a moisturizing booster. Consider adding a hydrating masque to your routine twice a week as well.

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