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Lerosett Organic Acne Products

Lerosett is a Swedish brand produced in the USA, which features 100% organic, hydroponically grown aloe and all natural clay. Their unique clay is a proprietarily heat treated natural clay that literally pulls out the bad stuff and leaves the good while infusing minerals that minimize oil production and significantly increase healing times up to 5X’s faster than water based acne products.  Use this clay as a mask or a spot treatment:

1. Mask: Going Deeper to the Source. As a mask the clay is left on to dry and work for 5-10 minutes. The clay goes far deeper into follicles absorbing more oil, dead skin cells and toxins than any regular clay or topical cleanser can. 

2. Absorption: Removing Impurities. A strong natural ionic charge within the product attracts positively charged impurities/toxins and ignores negatively charged nutrients. Blood circulation is increased while oils, impurities, toxins and infection is absorbed.

3. Infusion: Speeds Healing. The clay is loaded with natural minerals like zinc that minimizes oil production, redness and swelling while fighting bacteria and much more. Zinc dramatically speeds healing, minimizes redness, swelling and regulates sebum production minimizing further breakouts. 

4. Spot Treatment: No More Scars. After a pimple has erupted or been extracted, spot treating with the product will close the opening and pull out remaining impurities preventing potential scarring. Individual pimples will heal and clear up to 5X’s faster with spot treatments.

Come in and ask our pro’s about Lerosett, or try it yourself today!

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