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Clinical Speed Waxing


Fort Collins WaxingClinical Speed Waxing

Clinical Speed Waxing temporarily removes hair from body and facial areas. Your skin stays smooth and free of hair for weeks at a time after waxing.

Body waxing includes a dry brush exfoliation of the skin. Our Estheticians are trained to do speed waxing on the legs, arms, back, bikini line, underarms, face, chin, eyebrows and lip line.

Lip Waxing $18
Eyebrow Waxing $20
Lip & Brow Waxing $30
Chin Waxing $18
Upper Half Leg Waxing $45
Lower Half Leg Waxing $35
Full Leg Waxing $65
Bikini Line Waxing $35
Brazilian Waxing $60
Back Waxing $45
Face (sides of face) Waxing $25
Under Arm Waxing $30
Full Arm Waxing $40
Half Arm Waxing $30

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