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Greeley and Ft. Collins Ashiatsu MassageFull Body Therapeutic Massage

is an excellent way to maximize and extend the benefits of your workout regimen and increase circulation of blood flow throughout your body. Each massage treatment is tailored to your specific needs, Swedish, Muscular or Sports are a few of the options available.
Price $65 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

offers moderate to deep pressure to treat specific muscle groups. It helps to release muscle spasms, tension, headaches and repetitive stress syndrome.
Price $65 for 60 minutes or $90 for 90 minutes

LaStone Therapy Massage

is a combination of warm Basalt stones to balance your energy in conjunction with various massage movements, and cool Marble stones that help to relieve tension and stress. Calm your nervous system with this soothing massage for better mind and body balance.
Price $100 for 90 minutes


Prenatal Massage

tailored to the needs of pregnant women, this technique will help with the discomforts associated with pregnancy like swelling, back aches and also help with circulation and mobility.
Price $65 for 60 minutes


concentrates on the feet. Pressure will be applied to various reflex points that correspond with the various organs in your body. Reflexology helps to reduce stress and revitalize healthy energy flow throughout the body.
Price $60 for 45 minutes

Jet Lag Massage

is perfect if you’re a frequent flyer, or just need a quick pick me up. This massage utilizes a specially blended oil that will be worked into the back, shoulders and neck to help relieve aches and pains.
Price $50 for 30 minutes

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