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Oily Skin Tips

Many people are tired of their oily skin . . .are  you sick of that mid-day slick and shine effect? Here are some tips to help control that oil!

First, if you think that harsh, drying treatments like alcohol wipes or sun exposure are the answer…. THINK AGAIN. These are some of the worst things you can do for your oily skin.

Daily exfoliation is going to be key. The oil on your skin acts like a glue, keeping dirt and dead skin cells around to clog your pores. Check with your skincare pro to see whether a physical (actual scrub) or chemical exfoliator would be best for you, but exfoliate daily!

Next step, always apply a moisturizer. This might seem counter-intuitive, but oily skin often lacks moisture (water). Dermalogica makes a great moisturizer with SPF (a must for oily skin too) that features ingredients that will help to keep a matte finish throughout the day – It is called Oil Free Matte. Some moisturizers also include minerals or micro-sponges to help absorb excess oil throughout the day.

Lastly, use a clay based cleanser daily and apply a clay based masque twice a week to control excess oil production.

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